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Transitioning to a Satyug Physiology


What is a Satyug Physiology?

A Satyug Physiology is the ideal body that we all once had at the dawn of Creation. Over the trillions of years that this Universe has been in existence we have repeatedly incarnated into less and less capable bodies. Bodies that had a decreasing lifespan, less capability, less intelligence, and more and more restrictions on the innate Freedom, Bliss, Abundance and Joy that is our birthright. Fortunately for all of us now, this time of ever increasing restriction can be reversed in a relatively short period of time, thanks to the Satyug Kaya Kalpa Programme that will empower you to quickly transition to a Satyug Physiology.

The benefits of a Satyug Physiology and lifestyle are many, and here are a few:

  • Almost indefinite life extension - one will choose when to leave the body
  • Perfect health
  • Youthful appearance and vitality (there is age-reversal and one stabilizes at about age 24)
  • Time to achieve the highest Level of Consciousness and enjoy the Bliss of service to Humanity
  • Greatly increased creativity
  • Almost no need for physical food - most energy required for life is derived directly from the Prana Field
  • Freely open to the Abundance of the Universe

The Satyug Kaya Kalpa Programme is your key to a Limitless Life and you can start today.  One of the most important elements of the Programme is the transition to a lifestyle that you once enjoyed in the far distant past. This lifestyle is based on the need for physical food. In Kali Yuga everyone is born with a dependence on physical food to sustain life. But this dependence has not always been the case. Let's explore the devolution of the human physiology that has occurred over the long eons of time and discover how this dependence on physical food came into our lives.

Different Levels of Dependence on Food

The human physiology has a different dependence on physical food in the various yugas.

4 Yugas

In Sat Yuga there is no intake of physical food for the adult. Once the body has reached maturity at the age of 24, the physical body is fully developed and transitions from a creation phase, where physical food is required, to a maintenance phase where all energy that is required by the body comes from the Prana field. However, some individuals may retain an attachment to physical food due to the exercise of their free-will. This is not in accord with the Will of the Creator so karma is generated.

Karmic Traces

This karma creates food attachments in the subsequent generations and by the time Trita Yuga dawns, all people have some food attachments and this eating of food in the maturity years is a contributing factor that greatly shortens the lifespan from 100,000 years to 10,000 years. The diet in Trita Yuga is raw fruits and vegetables.

Trita Yuga Diet of Fruits and Vegetables

In Dwapara Yuga the people have a cooked vegetable and raw fruit diet with the addition of legumes and nuts. This diet is a major contributing factor for the decline of the lifespan from 10,000 to 1,000 years.

Dwapara Yuga Diet of cooked food, legumes and nuts

When Kali Yuga dawns the population is addicted to eating meat and seafood, both raw and cooked, with very little cooked vegetables and fruit, and large amounts of grain is consumed. This diet is a major factor that decreases the lifespan from 1,000 years to 100 years.

Kali Yuga diet of meat

As we advance through the Levels of Consciousness, it is normal to abandon the meat diet of Kala Yuga and first adopt the cooked food vegetarian diet of Dwapara Yuga, then some will progress to the raw food diet of Trita Yuga. As the individual's Level of Consciousness rises, the diet changes to more and more sattvic yugas. Eventually the individual adopts the diet of Sat Yuga.

20 Levels of Human Consciousness

During Kali Yuga, where we are today, it is possible to trigger the body to transition to a Sat Yuga Physiology, which more closely mirrors the ideal human body at the start of Sat Yuga, modeled after the Absolute Body illustrated below. This is because our Universe and all of the other innumerable Universes are all projections of the one Absolute Universe, Goloka.

Absolute Body - Four Brains

In the Sat Yuga Physiology, the digestive system is smaller, but fully functional. Children may take physical food for the first 24 years of life, then after maturity (age 24), the body derives almost all of its nourishment directly from the Prana Field.

To understand this process we need to understand that everyone has two energy engines: 1) pranic energy

Pranic Energy

and 2) physical food energy.

Food Energy

Before the transition to a Sat Yuga Physiology, the body derives 90% of its energy from the food engine and after the transition the pranic engine provides 90% or more of the body's requirement for maintenance energy. When the Sat Yuga Physiology process is triggered, Kundalini takes over to transform the physiology to increase the pranic energy engine and decrease the physical food energy engine, and almost all dependence on physical food suddenly ends.

Once the pranic energy transition occurs, the individual spontaneously adopts a lifestyle where all maintenance energy required by the body comes from the Prana field. When this transition takes place, the individual may occasionally eat physical food, one or two bites only, in a social setting with individuals who still have a dependence on food. In the early days of this transition there may be occasions where the body needs a certain food and the individual will take some food. The caloric intake will be reduced by 90% and most days there will be no food and occasionally, once or twice a week, one may eat a light meal.

Here is an experience from an individual who experierienced a spontaneous transition to the Sat Yuga Physiology after some time on the Satyug Kaya Kalpa Programme:

I have been following the protocol of the Satyug Kaya Kalpa Programme for a few years. The latest enhancement, the Ekam Vitara Network, is very significant in terms of my experience. I had been on the Ekam Vitara Network for about 2 months when I noticed and a shift in my interest in food and decided to take the new Pranic Energy Lifestyle Course. The transition has been amazing! I no longer have the same dependence on food that I once had. My body is transitioning to live on prana for about 90% of its needs. Since the end of the course, my body has been satisfied by drinking about 8 ounces of Kefir and Almond Milk with a banana blended in, 2 or 3 times a week. This has been adequate for me so far. I do occasionally eat a bite or two of food if I am with someone who is eating a meal, just to be sociable. I have lost most of my body fat and feel very good and strong. It is interesting to be free of the habit of eating food and free of the feeling that I need physical food. I still enjoy the taste of food but I do not desire food. I feel very content with this new lifestyle.

The pranic energy lifestyle is known by the name "breatharian" in popular media. This first arose to the general public in the 1980's but has been known and practiced by those at higher Levels of Consciousness for thousands of years. This lifestyle is viewed as "impossible" by modern science and skeptics abound. There are some who pretend to live this lifestyle and that has also been championed by the skeptics. Most people initally react with skepticism to the pranic energy lifestyle and dismiss it as "impossible". If you have some curiosity about this lifestyle, it may be good to do some research and see if you can come to believe it is possible. One individual, Ray Maor, has taken over 500 people through a 10-day process to initiate the pranic energy lifestyle and is credible. Here is a video with Ray Maor:

Nourish Yourself Energetically

Another video from Akahi, who has taken several thousand people through his 8-day pranic energy transformation process. He shows an experience conducted during one of these courses.

Akahi Energy Feeding

Here is documentary on Ray Maor that will give you more insights into the pranic energy breatharian lifestyle and how he came to adopt this lifestyle.

Conscious Pranic Living

If there is a desire for more body weight, exercise can be adopted to increase muscle mass. During this exercise phase it will be necessary to take some food, then when the desired weight is attained the pranic energy can maintain the body at this new level.

It is possible to trigger this transition to a pranic energy lifestyle with the Satyug Kaya Kalpa Programme.

The entire Satyug Kaya Kalpa Programme is designed to point the life in the direction of balancing the food intake karmic traces so that the lifespan of the individual may revert to its normal 100,000 years. These food intake karmic traces have manifested in the physical body as various chronic health disorders that can be traced back to the accumulation of toxins in the system. Also the cells of the body have been deprived of essential energy for normal functioning due to the excessive use of energy by the food digestion process. This results in sluggish, barely alive cells and organ systems and an overall lack of vitality and accelerated aging.

When the individual has dependence on food, then that food must be of the highest nutritional quality to maintain the health. Usually the food grown in Kali Yuga is deficient in essential vitamins and minerals so these supplements are required. But the consuming of food is a highly inefficient way to nourish the body and most of the food is passed out as waste plus the body uses very large amounts of energy in the digestion process. This energy, that could be used in other ways, is not available for essential organ maintenance and aging occurs.

If one takes all energy required by the body for its maintenance from the Prana field, there is no deficiency of any vitamin or mineral. The pranic energy is whole and complete, and this is the energy source the body was designed to use 100% when in the mature state. Before the age of 24, and for those at the Level of Consciousness below 400, the body may need physical food for growth.

Everyone is taking in some energy from the Prana field, perhaps 10%, and the remaining 90% is derived from the digestion of food. After the transition to the pranic energy lifestyle, the Prana field supplies up to 90% of the required energy.

Is it possible to live without any taking any food or water? Yes, there are those who do this now, in Kali Yuga. But it is difficult due to the lack of support one receives from the Kali Yuga environment.  Ray Maor went for 1 year without taking any food and very little water. Here is a book he wrote about this experience: A Year Without Food.

We are not advocating going without food entirely, but instead following your body's natural tendency to reverse the size of the prana and food engines. Allow the body to utilize prana for 90% of its maintenance needs and food for only 10%. In Kali Yuga this is a comfortable way to transition to a pranic energy lifestyle. If you like, you can further decrease your dependency on food to 100%, but probably social pressures will require that you eat something occasionally.

The Satyug Kaya Kalpa Programme has been designed to empower you to transition your physiology from a 100 year maximum lifespan Kali Yuga Physiology to a 100,000 year, perfect health Satyug Physiology. Here is a list of all the features of this Programme:

Nutrition and Supplements

Krishna C60 Amrita - the amazing supplement that transforms the Kaliyug physiology into the fully alive physiology of Satyug.
Atmavedi Crystals with Vedic Vortex Vitara - perfect, natural structured water to create a healthy physical body.
Initial Sattvic diet of organic vegetarian cooked food, raw milk Kefir and raw organic juice. Enrollment in the MahaVideha University Online Campus Courses on Ayurvedic Cooking and Raw Juice Fasting is included.
When you are ready, the Satyug Physiology Course is available to end your dependence on physical food. The human body was created in Satyug to exist and thrive on just the energy of the Prana Field. To make this transition from food dependence living to food independence living is a natural transformation that will be initiated by the Satyug Physiology Course.

Meditation and Sadhana

Krishna C60 Amrita used in daily Abhyanga, Gandusha and Nasya
Chakra Meditation
Daily Yoga Asanas and Surya Namaskaras
Twice Daily practice of the Brahman Consciousness Community Manifestation Meditation Virtual Vitara
Nightly practice of Yoga Nidra so that the body sleeps while the mind remains awake to experience Lucid Dreams and enliven the subtle bodies.


MahaYajña Vitara

The MahaYajña Vitara produces an effective shield against the assault of all karma, just as if the individual personally performed the yajñas. We also apply this technology to the Lakshmi-Kubera Yajña, to stimulate the flow of wealth into the life. In addition, we apply this technology to the Atma-Narayana Kavach to provide the protective kavach for the individual, and the Dhanvantra sutras to invoke The Dhanvantri for development of a perfect Satyug physiology.

God Vitara Logo Small

The God Vitara Headband with Vedic Vitara Antennas and HemiSync audio headphones is a device that you wear during meditation which allows you to perceive God in your physical body and in your mind. By creating brainwave coherence in the theta frequency, thie God Vitara allows the continual experience of the Silent Witness. It magnifies the sadhana of the wearer to rapidly elevate the Level of Consciousness.

Ekam Vitara Network with Ekam Higher Consciousness Vitara The Ekam Vitara Network with Ekam Higher Consciousness Vitara is the tool that empowers you to quickly rise to higher Levels of Consciousness. It creates a high consciousness field, specific for each individual subscriber, that elevates the consciousness of these individuals to their next higher level.
Satyug Sanctuary Pyramids Logo - over  Satyug Sanctuary Pyramid providing enhanced prana, magnetic influence and electromagnetic shielding with the subtle mind enhancement effect of a pyramid for Sleeping, Yoga Nidra, and Lucid Dreaming. Every bedroom at the Goloka Sanctuary Communities includes a Satyug Sanctuary Pyramid.

Click here to enroll in the Satyug Kaya Kalpa Programme


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